8 Blog Niches that Actually Make Money

8 blog niches that actually make moneyThere are tons of people who say there is good money in blogging, and while that is certainly true, most people never get any real money out of it. There are several culprits which keep people from being successful, consistency, quality, bad marketing tactics, etc… But I think one of the biggest ones that stands out to me is whether or not the writer is picking blog niches that actually make money.

Too many people out there believe that if you just write about something you know (and/or like) then eventually you’ll get traffic, but there are some cold and scathing facts say otherwise. For example: you might have written the best article about Celtic folk traditions in the whole world, but if that is what you’re whole website is devoted to, then you’re in for some bad news. The truth of the matter is that nobody is going to search for your content. Sure it might be the number one rank on Google, which gets 33% of the traffic on average, but 33% of 3 hits a month isn’t going to pay your hosting fees, let alone your power bill.

What About the Competition?

So as you can see there is something to be said for picking a niche, because the wrong one is just a waste of time. With that being said, there is some bad advice that I see floating around from time to time. “Pick a niche with low competition” now I know that sounds like good advice because low competition means it’s easy to get to the top, but there’s a reason why the best niches have competition. This is because those are the ones that are pulling in money.

If you want my honest advice, I would say ignore your competitors. Now hold on, because I know that sounds like the kiss of death, but hear me out. Imagine this, two restaurants open down the street from your house, one is a new pizza place, and the other promises that you’ve never eaten anything remotely similar to what is on their menu. Which one are you going to try first. If you’re anything like me, then there’s always room in your heart stomach for more pizza.

The same things applies to blogging. Most people don’t want something absolutely new, they want to see something similar to what they already expect, with just a touch of personal flavor. If you can pull that off right, then you will get an audience, it really doesn’t matter if other people are doing the same thing.

Picking a Blog Niche That Actually Makes Money

When it comes to actually picking a niche that makes money, there are a few things that you should consider. The first is whether or not it’s getting traffic. If there isn’t any traffic, then there isn’t any money in it. Which means that what you are writing about better have a pretty good following already, which is why this next tip is very important.

Don’t Make Your Niche Too Narrow

When considering blog niches that actually make money, you don’t want to focus on one topic so much that it cuts your traffic to nothing. A good rule of thumb is that if you can’t write 1,000 articles on your topic, then it’s too narrow. Because if you are serious about this, you are going to be writing at least a thousand articles.

Now I’m not saying that you have to go and plan out 1,000 blog posts, that would be insane. But it does have to be something that you can write about every single day, and never be able to exhaust it.

Blog Niches That Actually Make Money

With those tips in mind here is the list-

1. How to Make Money

It should come as no surprise that teaching people how to make money is in high demand. Though I admit, telling people how to make money in order to make money is a bit strange.

Still, this is one of the best niches out there if you want to turn your writing efforts into cold hard cash. People are even willing to pay for the info, provided you can make them think it’s worth their while.

2. Health and Fitness

What do people want after they have money? Well a smoking hot beach bod of course! Once again this is pretty obvious. Health and fitness have been a major source of income for the book industry for years, so it should come as no surprise that it’s one of the most profitable niches when it comes to blogging.

This is actually one of the easier ones to pull off too, seeing as every person has a slightly different biology, it means that the information out there is varied, and as a result can be tweaked very easily. Plus there is an absolutely ridiculous amount of products that you can review, and link with affiliate marketing. So there’s good money here.

Just make sure that if you are doing this one you put a disclaimer on your website so that no one gets the bright idea to sue you.

3. Personal Finance

I know I already brought up how to make money, but personal finance is a little bit different. Even though it can potentially encompass how to make money, there is a much bigger picture. This niche can include anything from getting out of debt, to ways to raise your credit score.

The fact of that matter is that if you can resonate with people, and help them to control their finances more wisely, then you can make a huge impact in the blogging world. Take a look at thepennyhoarder What started out as just a small part-time hobby now makes millions of dollars a year, and it really only has one goal, helping you put more money in your pocket.

4. Food

Everyone needs food. And because of that there is a huge market for food blogs. It doesn’t matter if it’s reviews or recipes, this one always takes the cake… (I had to, I’m sorry)

Though, do be aware that the advertising revenues are particularly low for food based blogging. So don’t go expecting to make a living off of Adsense with this. Instead you may want to focus on affiliate links, reviewing cooking tools and recommending them would be a good route. Though there are plenty of other ways you can monetize your blog.

5. Beauty and Fashion

Consider yourself a fashionista? Or do you just have a lot of experience with different kinds of make-up? Then good news, there is a blog niche for you!

There has been a dramatic shift in the way people buy products nowadays, and that usually comes in the form of looking for online reviews. As a result, reviewing fashion and beauty products has become a huge market.

Doing this right is going to rely heavily on affiliate marketing. Though if you can focus on building your personal brand enough, you could launch your own line of products.

6. Lifestyle

This one is a little confusing, because it’s not just one thing. Essentially it breaks down into a load of sub categories. Here take a look-

  • Gardening
  • Homesteading (huge)
  • Survival (huge)
  • Home/Outdoor Decor
  • Organization
  • Travel
  • Crafts

All of the things on that list get a lot of traffic, and are usually pretty easy to monetize as well. Though the blogs that do best in these niches are usually ones that make a point to add their own personal touch. You want to have a personality with these, because most of the information on these topics, has already been covered thoroughly.

7. Personal Development

People generally want to be better people, and they will pay through the teeth if you can convince them you can help. Anything to boost people’s self esteem or relative happiness is in big demand, and pretty much always has been. So if you have some good life advice, then you may be a good fit here.

Turning this into a cash cow is a little different than some other niches though. Affiliate marketing is a little tricky with this one, and advertising revenues aren’t great either. Though, if you do build up a sizable audience it’s extremely easy to write and sell and ebook.

8. Religion

Religion is big stuff. It changed the world who knows how many times, and as a result, it’s always a popular topic. Although, I suggest you tread carefully. It’s very easy to step on people’s toes with this one, and furthermore, you need to focus on just one religion if you are going to make this work.

It’s also a little different when it comes to making money. Having paid advertising comes off as tacky, and affiliate marketing doesn’t have the greatest impact. Though, people are significantly more willing to donate to your cause than you get with secular information. Plus, there is a lot of room to create and sell your own intellectual properties.

Things that Aren’t On this List

I want to point something out here that’s very significant, because a lot of people are going to say “Hey wait, these topics are really huge, why aren’t they on the list?” And it’s true, these niches really do make people a lot of money.

  • News
  • Sports
  • Gossip/celebrity news
  • Politics

So why don’t I recommend writing a blog about these things? For one very simple reason, they are all time sensitive. What that means is that while anything you write about these subjects may well go viral in a short period of time, they don’t have any lasting power. Think about this, after 3 months, nobody is going to look up an article about the latest thing that Kim Kardashian did, because it’s no longer the latest thing she did. As a result, anything written about that is going to essentially be a dead page on your blog once the shine wears off.

So how to people make money with time sensitive material? The answer is simple, they use a team. One or two people would have trouble running a blog that covered all the latest news stories, but a multi-media conglomerate can hire 50+ people to do the job, which ensures that they always have the latest and greatest information. They don’t care that whatever they write is going to be dead in a few weeks, because they work for the moment. But they can afford to do that.

One person, or even a small group on the other hand, just can’t keep up with all the latest going-ons. And even if you could, you would still be drowned out by already existing media. Which makes these niches very hard to do successfully.

As you can see, there aren’t too many blog niches that actually make money. However you might have noticed that the ones that do, typically apply to everybody, which is the reason that they get so much traffic in the first place.

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