BlogMutt Review: Is it a Scam or a Good Way to Make Money?

If you amake up to 130 dollars a post with blogmuttre looking for a great way to make a couple hundred bucks a month writing, then you probably already know how hard it can be to get work. But look no further than BlogMutt. In this BlogMutt review, I’ll be diving into all the ins and outs of the company, how they work, and whether or not it’s a scam.

I was more than surprised when I gave them a shot. More often than not companies like this either don’t last long, or aren’t worth your time, but BlogMutt is a different story.

A Few Quick Questions and Answers:

Is BlogMutt a Scam?

No, they don’t ask for any money, and they don’t sell your personal information.

Does BlogMutt Pay?

Yes, they pay once a week on Mondays, through paypal.

Here are some of my old invoices:

blogmutt payments

As you can see I didn’t work on this lot the past few months, but it still put some cash in my account.

Can You Make Good Money?

Think of it as more of a side income. A diligent person could make 200-500 dollars a month regularly with them. You could make more, but that depends on how much effort you are willing to put in.

If that answered your questions, then feel free to sign up with them here.

BlogMutt Review

Alright, on to the meat and potatoes. The internet has become one of the best resources to market your business, and as a result, companies want their piece of the pie. The hard part for them is that most of them either aren’t good enough, or just don’t have the time to write quality posts for their blogs. Then there are the people who can write well, but they have a hard time finding clients. That’s where BlogMutt Comes in.

BlogMutt connects writers to businesses for a percentage of the fee. So yes, they are just a middle man, but there are some advantages to that.


At the current time BlogMutt is only accepting applications from United States Citizens. It’s not a matter of them being against foreigners, it’s just for tax purposes.

You’ll need a computer and an internet connection to be able to work with them, because the entire thing is online.

You also have to be 18 years of age, and be willing to submit your tax information to them. But those are minor points.

You don’t need a word processor, you can do the entire thing through their user-interface, though I would still recommend getting your hands on one, it just makes things easier.

Application Process

To apply at BlogMutt, you have to fill out a few forms. They are nothing too complicated, but of course you have to accept their terms of service. Which I recommend you read, as it contains a lot of information regarding the quality of the work you submit.

The process doesn’t take very long, maybe 10-15 minutes. But the next part is a little annoying. They review each candidate individually, so it takes a couple days to actually get accepted. If you do, then you will get an email from them shortly after.

How Does it Work?

Once they send you the email telling you that you’re accepted. You are then given access to the companies which pay the lowest amount. Don’t worry, it’s still $10.50 for a 300 word post, so that’s not bad.

Find a Company to Work With

When you go over to their listing page, you’ll be affronted by hundred of different companies looking for content. You can filter the results so that it only target companies you actually want to work with. Though I found more success in filtering it by the companies which have the lowest number of post in their queue. This allow me to get a faster turn over rate, though I had to do more research in order to write for them.

Write Content

Once you select a company it then gives you a list of the topics which they would like written for. Pay close attention to these, they are usually where you find the links and keywords that they want inserted into the post.

Then you write. When your article is done, you are given the chance to proofread it before you submit it. Their tool points out obvious mistakes, but take your time and make sure that you have got everything just right. That’s one of the biggest factors in whether or not they are going to purchase it.


Then you hit submit. It’s nothing more than pressing a button. The companies then review your posts. They can accept it, which is good, deny it, or make an editing request.

Then Wait

This is one of the hardest parts, because you never know when they are going to get around to it. I found that most posts are bought bright and early on Monday morning, though I’ve had them range throughout the week and at all hours of the day. It’s really just a matter of when they have time to look at it.

I suggest writing more posts in the meantime.

Earn Points to Unlock Higher Levels

The level system in BlogMutt is what determines what kind of work you can receive. It takes a while to get past the first tier, i’m not gonna lie. But you learn a lot along the way.

You only get a few points for writing a post, but you get 9 times the amount when they sell. So that’s another reason for you to make sure that you are putting out the best content.

How Does Payment Work

Once a company buys you post BlogMutt transfers the money to your paypal account on Mondays. I tend to find the money in my account by that evening.

Here are the pay rates directly from their site:

blogmutt pay schedule

What I Like About BlogMutt

  • Easy to find loads of work: There are easily around 1,000-1,500 jobs available each day, so you really aren’t scrounging for work. Though, it can be difficult when you are writing outside of your area of expertise. You just have to get used to researching more, and you’ll do fine.
  • Pay system is straightforward: Their pay system is very simple, you sell a post, you invoice the sale, and they pay you. And the best part is there is no minimum payout. If you sell one post, you can cash out one post.
  • You only have to write: One of the hard parts about working on your own blog is that you have to do so much more than writing. There’s picture and video editing, site design, hosting, and a lot more. But with BlogMutt it’s a simple matter. You don’t have to include pictures or anything, you just write. That’s all there is to it.

What I Don’t Like

  • Clients can take months to buy a post: While BlogMutt is quick to pay, the clients are in no rush. It makes sense, they are doing business after all, but still. You can write an amazing post, for a company that buys every week, but if there are 60+ other posts in their queue, then it’ll be months before they even look at it. In extreme cases, this wait can be over a year. Though this isn’t the average.
  • Low tier client often drop off the list: Say you write an excellent post, and it’s right up your clients alley. Even in that scenario, you aren’t guaranteed to get paid. Many clients, especially the low end ones, fail to see results from their campaign, or just simply can’t afford to keep paying, and as a result, will drop off the list. Which leaves your posts in limbo. You can salvage them for another company, but more often than not, they are way to specific to be transferable.
  • Clients can be irrationally picky: I remember a post that got declined because it failed to address the enforcement agency for HIPAA, but they didn’t mention it in their prompt at all. Be aware that there are clients on there who expect the sun and the moon for the price of a cheap burrito. Although, you can usually tell which clients are more picky by looking at their past comments on other people’s work. If they are too negative overall, then I usually don’t bother writing for them.
  • Your account can be suspended for doing good work: This is a rare scenario, but yes, BlogMutt can disable your account permanently even if you don’t make a single mistake. And it’s for no good reason either. Well it’s a good reason in their eyes. BlogMutt has a feature which is aimed at keeping low quality work from bothering their clients. In short, there’s an automatic system which bans people who’s work gets rejected too much. The problem is, it doesn’t account for why the work is rejected. I’ve written posts which weren’t accepted because the company decided to take their marketing in a different direction. They even told me they loved the post, but BlogMutt only sees it as a number.
  • The pay isn’t the best: The pay system is simple, but you have to remember that BlogMutt takes their cut as well. So you aren’t going to be getting the best prices for your work. And if you were to go full freelance, then you are going to get much better pay. Usually the people who are seriously looking are willing to pay for better quality than a writing service will give them.
  • The minimum word count, is not the minimum: They say that the minimum word count for a tier 2 post is 600 words, but that isn’t really true. If you actually want to sell an article, you have to go above and beyond. Expect to write on average 200-300 more words than what is required. This not only makes your article better, but it also stops most people from coming in a writing a better version.

Do I Recommend It?

If I were to be completely honest in this BlogMutt review (and I certainly intend to be), then I would have to say that it depends. Is it a good place to get your start as a writer? No. Is it a good place to make an income writing for a seasoned writer? Also no. BlogMutt falls somewhere in the middle. The pay for what you are doing is insignificant compared to what you could get from normal freelancing, and at the same time, if you make too many mistakes they are just going to kick you out of the program.

This would be a great place for someone who was a competent writer (doesn’t make a bunch of spelling and grammar errors) that doesn’t quite know the ins and outs of what is worth money online. I say this, because it does a great job of teaching you what is worth money to companies, and furthermore, it sets a decent framework for knowing how to write quality content online. But if you find that you can write a 1,500 word article, know a little about picture editing, and have the patience to contact places which hire freelancers, then you are going to make better money doing that.

So yes, it’s worth your time, if you aren’t a newbie, or a pro.

What It Takes to be Successful at BlogMutt

There are a couple of things that are really going to help you be successful at BlogMutt. If you are considering signing up with them, then you should definitely read this part.

Here’s what the CEO of BlogMutt has to say about this:

Passable Writing Skills

You don’t have to be the next Hemingway, actually it’s probably better that you aren’t. People like content that is digestible. But that doesn’t mean that grammar and spelling errors are going to fly. You need to make sure that everything you write is top notch. Remember people are reading your work and deciding whether or not to buy it. Would you buy something with a typo in it?


One of the funnest parts about writing for BlogMutt was never knowing what I was going to write about that day. There are hundreds of companies all looking for different styles, and content. So if you want to be good at this, you are going to have to get used to writing about stuff you only learned about minutes ago.

I’ve writing about the history of trucking, mountain climbing techniques, surf boarding, coffee shops in


You aren’t going to see success right away. It takes time. You only get paid when a client buys on of your posts, and there’s a good chance that the first few things you put out there aren’t going to get accepted. But you don’t know that until easily a week has past.

So you need to dig in, and keep writing. It doesn’t matter if it is going to take a while, if you just make a point to write a couple posts every day, then on average you are going to get something sold every day. It’s all a matter of numbers.

Thick Skin

The fact of the matter is it doesn’t matter if you are the best writer in the world. Someone isn’t going to like you work. That’s just how it goes. Even when you think you have a dead ringer, you can still get rejected.

I once wrote a post for a company to promote their display technology (not going to say who) I went to their website, copied the style of their promotional work, and used their information to describe how it worked. And not only did they reject the content, they said it was poor quality. I could have moped, but the truth is I actually laughed about it. They essentially told me that all of their own current marketing and content was garbage. But as you can see, you need to be able to take rejection, and move on. Because it’s going to happen.


Here are a couple of warnings before you get started writing for BlogMutt

Don’t Plagiarize

You might think you can turn a quick buck by copying someone else’s work, or even selling a post from your own site, but don’t do this. They have a zero tolerance policy in place, and they pay higher level people to enforce it, so if you are caught, you’re done.

Don’t Write a Few Bad Posts Just to Level Up

Getting close to the point where it unlocks higher grade pay makes it all to tempting to rush out a few posts to get to better pay. But if those posts are bad, you’re approval rating is going to drop. Which of course could mean the end of your career at BlogMutt.

Don’t Rush In

Every client has a list of what they have purchased in the past. Make a point to look through this list, it will tell you exactly what they are looking for. Also, you can see the posts that other writers have currently submitted. Take a look at these before you start writing. If you can’t write better than those, then they aren’t going to buy your post, so it’ll just be wasted time.

Closing Thoughts

To finish this BlogMutt review, I’ll leave you with this. Overall, it’s a good place to make some money on the side. Though, I think it would be difficult to actually make a living off of their platform. But there are more great ways to make money online for free, if BlogMutt isn’t your cup of tea.

I also suggest giving another place a shot if you want to learn how to blog, check out my Hubpages Review to find out more.

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