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how to monetize your blog featured imageSo you’ve learned how to start a blog, picked a good niche, got it up, put up some snazzy posts and are left wondering how to make money blogging. Well it’s sort of an odd topic, as there are many ways to turn quality web traffic into cash, but there are more than a few tried and true methods that you should be able to sink your teeth into.

1. Make Money Blogging with Advertising

This is probably the simplest way to start making some money on your blog. The idea is simple, you are essentially selling space on your website for advertisers to reach your patrons, and with programs like Adsense, it’s very easy to plug in code and let it do the rest.

If you built your website from scratch it’s a little more tricky, but if you are using WordPress, like practically the whole rest of the world then you can just install Ad Inserter.

Here’s a short video explaining how it works –

As you can see it’s not hard at all, but as with many things that aren’t very hard, don’t expect to be getting top dollar for your efforts.

2. Get Some Sponsors

A more lucrative approach is to get some sponsors. Sponsors are companies (and in rare cases individuals) who pay you to help promote their stuff. I say stuff because this varies wildly, it can be anything from shoes, to ebooks.

This one is a bit harder to break into though, I do have to admit. Working with companies means they want to not only know that you already have an audience, but also they are going to want to see results. Which means if you aren’t putting your best foot forward, then they may just pull their funding.

I am also not the biggest fan of sponsored posts. Not because I don’t see it as a good way to make money blogging, but they tend to be focuses on a single product, and as such are not very conducive to content marketing.

3. Include Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are sort of like the in between of standard ads and sponsored content. You write about what you want still, but then take a commission off of the sale of whatever you are promoting.

With a big enough catalog of products like Amazon, it can be quite easy to not feel like you are alienating your readers while still increase the amount of money that you are making.

4. Create and Sell Your Own Products

If you really want to make money blogging, then this is where it is at. Creating your own products generates significantly more income than anything on this list. Although, it does require the most work. I strongly recommend focusing on digital products, at least at first. With the proper distribution network, you can make a product that can be sold an infinite number of times without you having to put in any more effort or cash.

Though that’s not to say there isn’t any money in good old fashioned physical products. In fact if you have a blog that is focused on fashion for example, you would often do much better to create and sell your own clothing than you would to write a book about it. So pay attention to what your audience is looking for, you need to match their interests.

5. Use Your Blog to Market Your Business

If you already have an existing business in the same realm as what you are blogging about, then the good news is that it will be pretty easy to transfer that over. You can sell your services as a consultant, without too much effort. Niel Patel has a pretty good article about this.

6. Cross Market

There are more ways to make money online than to just start a blog, and with a little time and effort you can reap huge rewards. YouTube has become a great way to become a significant influencer, and has create quite a few millionaires at this point.

So if you have have the drive to do that, then try creating videos to accompany your blog posts. It will drive traffic both ways, and you’ll get a bigger slice of the pie for doing it.

7. Sell Memberships

Selling memberships has become a great way to make money blogging. People who write the highest quality content have made quite a lot of money, by creating membership programs.

Though I do have to caution you, this requires diligence. If you aren’t the kind of person to post on a regular basis, then there is a good chance this isn’t going to work out for you.

I hope this list helped you out, but don’t go thinking that these are then only ways to turn a profit on your blog. It seems like so long as there is a will, there is way, and blogging is no exception.

how to make money blogging


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