Hubpages Review: Is It a Scam and Can You Make Money?

Hubpages ReviewHubpages is one of the largest revenue sharing sites on the web, and unlike most such sites, Hubpages continues to do well year after year. This Hubpages review is going to cover a lot of aspects in regard to whether or not it’s worth sinking some time and effort into. But first let’s get the most common questions out of the way.

Frequently asked questions:

Is Hubpages a scam?

No, Hubpages is completely legitimate.

Can you really make money on Hubpages?

Yes, Hubpages pays directly to your paypal account, once a month, if you meet the $50 threshold. And the revenue you get from affiliate links and your Google Adsense account is completely untouched by Hubpages.

If that answered your questions you can Sign up for Hubpages Here

What is Hubpages?

Hubpages is a revenue sharing/writing site, also known as a content mill. The idea is that anybody can write an article which is then put up for anyone to read. The articles have advertising on them which produces revenue, and Hubpages shares the bulk of that money with the person who wrote the article.

Hubpages Review

Let’s start off this Hubpages review with talking about the way the site works. When you go to create an article you are first told to enter a title, then you select the topic. After that you are presented with essentially a blank slate. From there you can insert modules which contain the various elements of your article. You can include:

Core capsules:

  • Text
  • Pictures
  • YouTube Videos
  • Comments (automatic)


Hubpages review capsules
Here’s what their capsule section looks like
  • Polls
  • Tables
  • Maps
  • Quizes
  • Ratings
  • Code
  • Links
  • And a lot more

Using the Hubpages Interface

As you can see, there is a lot you can do. The editor is very easy to work with, and produces stellar articles with no programming or website experience whatsoever.  It’s not quite as simple as dragging and dropping what you want, but it’s about as easy as it gets.

Because of how customizable and simple the system is, a lot of users really like it. However there are still limitations. You’re not going to be able to insert any programs or tools you may have coded, and changing the structure of the page outside of your post is impossible. However they already have a pretty good layout, and most people aren’t going to be coding their own tools, so it’s still pretty good.

Writing for Hubpages

The writing part is very straight forward. All you have to do is write, and put it in the correct capsule. As for what to write about, that’s entirely up to you. If your article is of sufficient quality, they will feature it, which gives it significantly better chances of getting traffic.

If they decide to feature an article you are on the right track, but you can still do better. The best articles on the site will be reviewed by a professional editing staff. They will make little changes here and there, fixing grammar, spelling, and a whole host of other problems. Though they will sometimes remove content if they think it doesn’t fit. But don’t worry if they do this, the fact that they are paying people to review and edit your article means that they believe it’s going to be one of their best pieces.

Hubpages review process
This is how you want their suggestion section to look

Finally, if your articles passes all the standards of the Hubpages review process and is of the highest quality, they will promote it to one of their network sites. These are essentially niche sites which only contain the highest quality material from their general site. Because of this, articles on their niche sites get much better search rankings, which draws people to your article from sites like Google, and Yahoo.

What Does Hubpages Pay?

Hubpages has a very simple pay system.

Advertising Revenue

Here’s how it works, Hubpages hosts your articles and displays ads on them. They then share 60% of the money generated by these ads to the person who wrote them. Which is pretty awesome for a content mill.

There are essentially three ways to get paid on Hubpages when writing articles. First with their own ad network (I like this one), Google Adsense, and Amazon Affiliate. Their own ad network is the easiest to use. Once you have entered your tax and payment information, you are automatically signed up for it. There’s nothing left to do, just write quality articles, and wait for your earning to reach the 50 dollar payout.

The other means of getting paid are a little more complicated. If you want to make money from a Google Adsense or Amazon affiliate account, then  you need to sign up for those programs individually, and give the tracking codes over to Hubpages. It’s not that hard, but it does take an extra step to get it working.


Hubpages also has a referral system. If you set up a referral tracker and lead people to writing on Hubpages, then you get 10% of that person’s lifetime earnings. Now don’t worry, because you aren’t taking that cut from the author, it comes out of Hubpages own 40%.

They do have a few limitations on this system though. You can’t include your referral links inside articles that are posted on Hubpages. So don’t go thinking you can write an article to get people to sign up with the site, because they will just remove the link.

Pros and Cons


  • Will teach you how to write quality articles which make money
  • Professional editing staff may improve your articles to better ensure your success
  • Has an established network so you will get traffic in as little as one day
  • 60% revenue sharing is high compared to other content mills
  • Completely free
  • You don’t have to pick a domain name, or host your own website
  • No technical skills required
  • Network sites significantly improve search rankings


  • Editors will sometimes clip links to other websites, which can be frustrating
  • You don’t have access to SEO tools
  • Can’t apply alt text to pictures which effects search engine rankings
  • Affiliate programs are limited
  • You will never earn 100% of the value of the articles you’ve written

How to Make Money on Hubpages

With all that in mind there are some things to consider before you go out there and start writing a ton of articles. If you really want to make money on Hubpages, then you are going to have to write about the right stuff.

It all sounds great when someone tells you that “You can write about anything and get paid for it!” But this Hubpages review wouldn’t be worth anything if I didn’t say the truth, so the fact of the matter is that not every article is going to make any real money. Let me put it to you this way, you could write the absolute best article about ancient Celtic folklore, get to the number one spot on Google, and still be making less than a buck a month. Why? Because nobody searches for that kind of content.

Content which does well on Hubpages:

  • List based articles
  • How to articles
  • Personal finance
  • Saving money
  • In depth DIY guides
  • Health and Fitness
  • Personal development

That’s not to say you shouldn’t give something different a shot. There’s a guy on there who wrote about fixing cars that makes around $900 a month, it’s just way more likely that you are going to make money if you write about something that people are actually searching for.

Do I recommend Hubpages?

The whole reason you are reading this Hubpages review is to figure out whether or not it’s worth your time, and the answer is? Yes! But not because of what you think. Sure you can make some money on Hubpages, but you’ll likely never strike it rich.

Yes It’s Worth it!

The reason I’m telling you to try it is because, Hubpages teaches you how to write quality articles which will actually make money online. Let me break it down for you. If you start your own blog, it’s going to take six months to get traffic from Google(that’s about the average). Which means that you have no idea what is a good article, and a bad one for six solid months.

If you need to make money faster, then you should check out our BlogMutt Review.

On the other hand Hubpages, will guide you through the process of making money with advertising, and they do it fast. With their already established network, you can start getting traffic to you articles on the first day. If by the end of the week that number has dropped down to zero and stays there, then you know you did something wrong.

I learned more in one month of writing for Hubpages than I would have in three years of blogging. So do I recommend starting there? Yes! Exactly as I said before. At no cost to you, you can learn how to start a blog that actually gets traffic and makes money, even if you don’t plan to stay there forever.

You Can Sign up for Hubpages Here

I hope this Hubpages review helped you. The knowledge that I gained from working with them was priceless. And yes, they are still paying me for the articles I wrote.

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