Sell Your Old Stuff: What You Can Sell and Where to Sell It

how to sell your old stuffSo you have a garage filled to the brim with things, junk, odd and ends. And as it would turn out you are in need of some cold hard cash too. Putting two and two together is easy enough, but now you’re wondering how to sell your old stuff.

I know how difficult it can be to even get started doing this. You aren’t sure what’s trash and what’s treasure. But that’s why I made this guide, to help you determine not only what old stuff you can sell, but also where you can sell it.

List of Your Old Stuff You Can Sell

There are tons of things you can sell that are just collecting dust in your garage, or maybe in you closet, but it can be tricky to know what is worth money, and what is just trash. So let’s tackle what is worth even trying to sell, before you put in the elbow grease.

Computers and Other Electronics

We don’t tend to think that old electronics carry much value, but as it turns out, that is not the case. Plenty of old machines are worth quite the pretty penny. You may think that just because something is outdated it’s worthless, though even pieces of tech that are truly worthless for their original purpose may still carry value.

For example cell phones. A really old phone may not be anything that someone is willing to use ever again, which is made even more true if it’s broken, but that doesn’t mean it’s worthless. As it turns out all phones carry a small amount of Platinum. And though it’s only worth a couple of buck, that’s still better than nothing at all.

Then there’s the chance that you have a computer which has become a collectors item. Though they are a joke compared to what the average phone can do nowadays, these old computers can be worth upwards of $5,000. So if you find a computer in you storage that looks like it’s from the 70’s or 80’s, make sure to look it up before you throw it out.


Appliances are always in high demand. Kids just out of college and high school need washers, dryers, microwaves, blenders, refrigerators, and everything else you are used to having in your house. And as it turns out, the most of them don’t have the money to go buy brand new stuff, so you can easily turn those old machines into cash.

But what if it’s broken? That doesn’t matter, a lot of people out there are willing to fix something broken, even if that is a dying art. And if it truly is damaged beyond repair, then take it to a scrap yard. Some washers and dryers are worth fifty bucks, just for the salvage value.


Old cars can be worth a ton of money. Take a look at these barn finds:

Pretty awesome right? But don’t go thinking you 95 Toyota Camry is going to fetch a price like that. The much more likely option is that the car was parked their because it is either broken, or won’t pass smog. If that’s not the case, then by all means sell it on Carfax. But even if it would cost more to repair it than it will ever be worth again, you can still sell it to a company who will let people pull parts off of it. Most of the time these guys aren’t even interested in whether or not the car runs, but you won’t likely get more than $300 bucks.

Old Furniture

Sofas, chairs, and beds. People need a place to sit down and take a break, and they are willing to pay for it. If your old furniture is in good condition, then congratulations, because you can likely get a couple hundred bucks for it.

But what if it’s really old and torn up? Well there are people who buy and restore vintage furniture too. So don’t go assuming it’s garbage just because it has been used. Some of these people aren’t even interested in the furniture for their own use, there are a whole bunch of them out there willing to flip the furniture just because it’s a unique piece.

Books, Games, and Movies

Chances are you aren’t going to get a lot from these, but at the same time, they are still worth a lot of money. That might have sounded like a mistake, but the fact of the matter is that a lot of people have a huge archive of these items. Which means that while you may only get around 3 bucks a pop for your collection, that could easily be 180 bucks for 60 of them.

Of course you want to know what you are selling. Some stuff just isn’t worth the effort to sell, but there are a lot of classic games and books which can easily be worth 30 bucks or more. Take the time to look each one up online and get the real price before you let them go.

Scrap Metal

Broken doesn’t mean worthless. There is a vast amount of money to be made scrapping what would otherwise be trash. Old aluminum engine blocks can pay around .45 cents a pound (provided they are cleaned and have the steel parts removed) Which at 80 lbs would net you $36.

But it’s not just car parts that are worth good cash, old cans, copper wire, and steel can all bring in a good amount of money (steel isn’t worth a lot per pound though). In fact, there are a whole group of people out there who hunt down scrap as a side hustle.

Old Clothing

This is one that almost everyone and their dog seems to have lying around. You might have old clothes, because they don’t fit anymore, or it could just be that they went out of style. That doesn’t matter, what does matter is that they are still worth money.

You won’t likely be able to off load things like socks or t-shirts, but any piece of clothing that is in good shape, especially if they are a quality item, should find a buyer fairly easily.


There is a crazy amount of money in old toys. The hardest part about this is knowing what is worth something and what is trash, but if you find something truly worthwhile in a mess of old toys, it could be worth a fortune. But you should at least make a couple bucks either way.

How to Sell Your Old Stuff

So now you know what to sell, it’s time to delve into how to sell your old stuff. There are a lot of great methods to do this, and some of them are more specialized than others. Keep in mind that the specialty stuff is more likely to get a better price though.

Have a Yard Sale

There are few better ways to turn trash to cash than holding a yardsale. But doing it right is a bit of different story. You can just throw all your stuff out on the lawn, and hope people stop by, and if you live on a busy road that can work just fine. If you are at the end of cul-de-sac on the other hand, you aren’t going to get a lot of traffic.

You’ll have to market this, if you want a good turn out. There are a couple good places to do this. First there is your local newspaper. They’ll charge around 15 dollars for this, but you more often than not make up the cash that you spend.

Then there are websites which help get the word out too. Try using one of these, especially if you live in a big city.

Sell Your Old Stuff Online

It used to be if you wanted to sell something, you either had to set up shop, or go pounding on doors, but things are a bit different in today’s world. Now we have the internet, with all the good and bad that brings. But one of the good things about that is there are an insane number of market places to sell your old stuff.


Craigslist is definitely one of the best places to sell some of your old things. It doesn’t require any money, and you can request that the buyers pick up the stuff themselves. Of course you want to be careful, there isn’t a vetting process, so people are always up to less than reputable behavior.

Still, if you are careful, you can make great money if you sell your old stuff on craigslist. And the turn around is usually pretty quick too, provided you priced your stuff reasonably.


If you are willing to put down a little money to get a better price on your wares, then ebay is one of the best options. The fee system is a little complicated, but the prices aren’t that bad.

The good part about selling on Ebay is that you are going to get your stuff in front of a much bigger audience. Which of course means that you are going to find buyers that are much more willing to pay a higher price. Just be careful not to get ripped off.


eBid is a lot like ebay, though it has a much smaller consumer base. Though that can be used to your advantage. When there are a lot of items in a particular bracket, then your posting can easily be drowned out, so eBid is still an attractive option.

One of the nicer parts about eBid is that it’s much simpler than ebay. The rules and fees stay the same, instead of changing all the time. Plus, they are quite cheap at an only 3% cut from the sales price.


Etsy is a great place to sell item that are a little more unique. Instead of being designed to sell stuff in bulk, Etsy is a lot more friendly for selling homemade or small production items. So if a lot of your goods don’t exactly fit what people search for, then give Etsy a try.


This is another great place to sell unique items. Bonanza isn’t the kind of place you would go to sell anything boring. If it’s special or one of a kind, then this is the place for you.

They do carry more traditional brands as well, but if you want to sell your old stuff, then you might do better selling those kinds of things elsewhere.


Facebook isn’t just for killing time at work anymore, now you can waste money too! Or if you’re trying to sell your old stuff, then you could actually make some. Facebook Marketplace is their new store system.

What I like about this one is that it is directly tied to social media, so you don’t even have to go anywhere else to promote what you are selling. It’s also fairly simple to use.

There’s an App for That

You don’t just have to list your items on websites anymore either, if you are a bit more tech-saavy then you can use these apps to sell you old stuff.


5miles is an app that focus on buying and selling stuff in your immediate location. Although, it’s not always truly within 5 miles, the concept is still great. Just sign up, and get selling.


This one is very similar to the last, but I get the feeling that it tends to draw lower value items. LetGo is still a good place to sell your old stuff however.


Once again it’s hard to tell the real difference between this one and the last two, but after a few minutes of browsing I noticed a lot more used cars than on the other two. So OfferUp may be a good place for that.

Consignment Stores

These are a really cool concept. You hand them what you want to sell, and they do the work of putting it on a shelf and selling it for you. It’s a pretty awesome concepts. Although they often take a hefty fee. This hovers around 50% of the price, but it can be a good option for hard to sell items.

Pawn Shops

Pawn shops get a bad rap, because they are a great way to sell items fast. It’s true, they are looking for a way to make a buck off of you. But if you need money right away, this is the fastest way to get it. If they think they can sell it, they’ll buy it. Just be willing to haggle, because it’s practically necessary if you want to get even half of what your selling is worth.

Here’s a great video describing what they take, and what they don’t:

In then end, so long as you know what is worth your time, and know how to get it in front of buyers, then you should have no problem should you decide to sell your old stuff.

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