What Costs to Expect When Moving to a New City

what costs to expect when moving to a new city

There are an incredible number of reasons to move to a new city, your spouse might have just landed that great new job, or you could be moving closer to family(or even moving away from them) but no matter the reason, moving is always a challenge. You have to pack, get a new home, and good luck keeping a teenager happy if you are taking them with you. That’s why it helps to have a checklist of the things you need when moving to a new city.

Since you are still reading this, I am going to assume that you are in the position where moving is no longer just a thought, but starting to become a reality. And even if it is only for a couple of months, it’s still going to be a strain.

Costs to expect when moving to a new city :

There are a ton of small things you may not have thought about, especially if this is your first time moving, and those little things can add up quickly. Here’s a breakdown of what too expect.

Moving truck

If you are looking to save money with your big move, then you should make sure to do the heavy lifting yourself. Moving companies charge outrageous amounts, and companies like U-Haul have made great strides toward creating a more flexible fleet of vehicles. Because of this, you can get the right truck for what you need. There’s no sense in paying extra for space that you aren’t going to be using anyway.

Utility charges

When moving to a new city, you are going to have to get your utilities put into your name at the new address. This often overlooked item can add up to quite a few hundred dollars. Internet providers, and other utilities will often charge a set up fee, so be aware of this before you wind up having to spend a month without the lights on.

Sell what you don’t need

If you move a lot then there is a good chance you already know this, but moving a house full of stuff isn’t exactly cheap, especially if you have a long way to take it. So if you really don’t need it, then sell your junk.

Even items that you do need, such as a bed, may actually save you money to sell your old on and buy new when you get there. So take the time and really think over the cost of transporting your possessions.

Consider storage if it’s not permanent

Should you find yourself in the position where you aren’t going to be staying very long, then storage is a viable option. For sometimeas little as $50 bucks a month you can easily avoid costly shipping fees, and you would be surprised how much you can fit in one of those units, especially if you are any good at tetris.

Arranging transportation

Obviously if you are going to move then you need a way to get there, and using a car can be expensive. And even if you aren’t planning on driving it, having it shipped can easily cost thousands of dollars. You may want to consider selling your car and picking up a new one where you are heading.

And just getting there can be expensive to boot. You should look into how to save money on flights, if you are taking a plane trip.

Other vehicles costs

If you are moving out of state, then smog regulations may not allow your vehicle. California for example requires equipment on vehicles that other states do not, so you might have some trouble even registering it.
Insurance requirements vary state to state as well, but you are likely going to have to pick up new renter’s insurance, and there are a lot of options to save money by bundling these policies.

If that all sounds like a lot to take in, then don’t worry, you’re not alone. But the silver lining is that almost anyone can do it, and making the move can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your entire life. Just make sure save some money before you give it a shot. It’s always better to be prepared for unexpected costs.

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